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The BIOMAT that is!  Biomat is a  remarkable therapeutic pad made from an amazing 17 layer construction. I suggest going to the site, for a complete listing of the layers . This is a US FDA medical device 510K  that is research backed in its claims.

indications for use include:

Relaxation of muscles

Increase of local circulation where applied

And just a few of the listed applications

temporary relief of minor muscle pain, minor joint pain and stiffness, joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains, minor muscular back pain, supports immune system, reduces stress, and the list goes on.

It took me awhile to actually work with one of these, they have been around for a long time, again the history etc can be found on line..I actually bought it and had it in the other room trying to decide what to do with it, and it finally hit me to start on the floor with my thai massage clients.. THEY LOVE IT!

Its a heated pad, the most striking thing to me is that it made with 25lbs of amethyst crystals , which emanate a natural infrared ray, layered with copper, and other materials to magnify the deep healing penetrating effect of the FIR energy, plus there is a negative ion generator component. Negative Ions? you know how good you feel at the ocean? lots of negative ions being released by the ocean waves balancing the positive ions that surround us.. that feeling of well being…you know those salt lamps I have in my office? Same thing! And , a layer that helps to intercept harmful electromagnetic waves. All told, there is a very restful and relaxing effect from laying on this mat..

I am going to start offering short treatments using Ayurvedic Marma point therapy, Foot Massage , Head,Neck,Upper shoulder Massage or Cranial Sacral holding so you can try it out! There has been research actually showing the improvement in circulation over a given 2 week period with continued use…I think a little goes a long way and hope you will come in and check it out!


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