Annie’s Techniques

  1. Traditional Thai Bodywork – learned in Thailand
  2. Structural Integration – taught by Tom Myers of Kinesis
  3. Massage – based on traditional swedish/deep tissue/specific concerns
  4. Visionary CranioSacral Work® – taught by Hugh Milne, Milne Institute
  5. Ayurvedically Inspired Yoga – influenced by Iyengar teachings, Kundalini Yoga and Ayurvedic principles

Traditional Thai Bodywork

  • Increases flexibility, circulation, overall feeling of vitality and health
  • Received on a mat or table wearing loose or stretchy clothing
  • Practitioner uses compression, traction, specific point pressure to gently open joint space and lengthen fascia and muscle
  • Addresses chronic as well as acute conditions
  • Addresses alignment and posture concerns
  • Fantastic for all ages regardless of perceived inflexibility
  • Good jumpstart for beginning a regular exercise program
  • Beneficial effects accumulate with each session
  • Sessions individually customized

Structural Integration/ Postural Alignment

  • Based on principles of fascial integrity and alignment taught by Dr. Ida Rolf and delivered thru the teaching of Tom Myers  (rolfer and Founder of Anatomy Trains/Kinesis Myofascial Integration)
  • Move with more ease and less effort
  • Sessions based on a plan but loosesly held to accommodate each persons unique needs
  • Questions what holds us up, what holds us back, what is moving and what is not
  • Addresses the deeper held patterns of tension or laxness in body to change the inner landscape and support
  • There is no “ONE” technique for this work (each therapist brings to the table his or her own skillset)
  • This is process work with results sometimes happening quickly or unfolding over time but always accumulating as new information in the body/mind
  • Reminds the body how to expand and lengthen in movement and use the whole perceptual field as context for embodiment
  • This is not massage
  • Work done with movement
  • Homework is often given

 Deep Tissue Massage

  • Table work, draped and delivered with appropriate depth of touch for the areas addressed
  • With a personal vision of interconnectedness of body as a whole unit, parts as well as whole are addressed
  • There is no formula , needs are addressed in an individualized way
  • Use of deep therapy cream allows for even depth of touch
  • Varying depth of pressure and application of manual therapy
  • Myofascial release done with attention to releasing the underlying restrictions from adhesions and immobility cause by habit, injury , surgeries and replacements. Frees the fascial tissues allowing for ease in muscle movement and length.

Visionary CranioSacral Work®

  • Based on the teachings of Andrew Taylor Still and William Sutherland
  • Delivered primarily thru clothing, client is comfortably resting on table or mat
  • Based on solid craniosacral foundation from the osteopathic tradition
  • Addresses concerns thru listening to the deeper structures of the body
  • Awakens the inherent healing ability of the body by freeing joint space and releasing held energy blocks, allowing for a freer flow of vitality
  • Questions what is moving, what is not, who is really here and how can I be of service
  • Depth of touch is dependent on sensitivity of client and therapist and what is being “called for” from the soul
  • Can lead to altered states of consciousness, and deeper revelatory experiences for answers to long held or suppressed questions
  • Sessions can include talk or be in total silence

Ayurvedically Inspired Yoga

  • Individualized sessions including Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Kundalini Kriyas to address specific needs.
  • Might be of benefit for those who want an individual approach to working with Yoga Asana – alignment etc.
  • Help in developing a home practice to include kriyas, meditations, development of new habits and rituals of health
  • Using principles and theory of Ayurveda, help with designing a unique program for each individual based on their own doshic needs according to the basics of Ayuryoga®

What is Ayuryoga®?

Ayuryoga® is a program taught by Ayurvedic Institute incorporating basic Ayurvedic principles, pranayama, asana and meditation.

What is Holotropic Breathwork?

Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful method using the healing potential of expanded states of consciousness/ awareness for self knowledge, healing, transformation and wellbeing. It is the “technology of the sacred” that combines the time-honored traditions of deep breathing, evocative music, body awareness, and contemplative practice, all held in a loving container created by sitters, breathers and facilitators. The approximate three-hour session is an opportunity to be met wherever one is and have the unconditional support to dive as deeply as one wants.

This method was brought forward through the passion of Dr Stanislov Grof and his wife Christina. It has evolved into a Transpersonal Training Program ( Grof Transpersonal Training – GTT) with an international tribe of fellow seekers.

Annie Perry is currently involved in the 2-year certification program to become a facilitator for this process, but more importantly, for her own personal growth.. to find her Authentic Self and help anyone who wants a fellow traveler to walk with.

Annie Perry LMT

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