So, you’ve been wondering about these things called Marma Points right? Well in Ayurveda, ( the science of Life) Marmani are “energy points” often described as “intersecting paths” located in the rivers of Prana that flow thru the body.
I will use a comparison to Chinese Medicine that may be more familiar. The Meridians, a network of invisible yet detectable tracks that connect the organ systems of the body and regulate “Chi” or flow of vitality can act like reservoirs for this Chi. When Chi is blocked or excessive, the body doesn’t function at its optimum level. An acupuncturist might use needles, manual pressure , heat or herbs on particular points located on these energy lines that correspond to physical geographical landmarks. I like to use the analogy of a garden hose as the conduit of flow, a kink slowing down or stopping the water, and creating a back up on one side and paucity on the other.
There can be effects on the physical, emotional and mental bodies from this imbalance. Normally, our bodies have a remarkable ability to regulate this without help , but occasionally “stuff happens” and we need some kind of external assistance.
Although similar in paradigm, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine do differ in the specifics of application and philosophy, so the comparison ends there except that Ayurveda like other Eastern Methodologies looks to the cause and does not only treat the symptom of dis- ease.

Ayurveda calls these lines of energy Nadis- and there are many thousands of them in the body, responsible for circulating our Prana or Chi.
Marmani are located at specific locations along these Nadi in the body and can act like valves for helping to balance potential vitality and energy. Ayurveda also takes into consideration the qualities of Dosha present in a given situation, a constitution or symptom. More on that later!

Marma Chikitsa is the Ayurvedic Practice of working with these Marmani. A treatment might be given thru clothing, using direct pressure on the points or using circular lighter pressure, sometimes applying pure essential oils as well as other ways that will be discussed in a later blog. Other ways to affect balance of the Marmani include Yoga asana and of course , Traditional Thai Bodywork.

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