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well, today is April 23, 2020 and it is…… Thursday!! we have been in our social distancing lifestyle now since March 16! What new things have you learned about yourself? your partner? you pets? life? .. I have learned that all that stuff I wanted to do .. if I only had the time.. have not seemed that important to me afterall! i have learned that I wish I had learned how to use WORD and this computer a long time ago. Its not that I don’t like technology, I’m actually fascinated by it. but unless someone is really patient with teaching and I can watch and do, I don’t learn. So I have found that I don’t magically have a great contact list with coordinated numbers and emails all nicely indexed so I can send out great email blasts!

So, an update! We are still on non essential status as a profession. Our Governor has appointed a Task Force made up of individuals from different branches of government and private sectors to help in deciding how and when to open the state safely. A few of my colleagues and I are trying to impress on Dept of HHS, that we are a stand alone sector providing essential benefits to the stressed out people still working now. Trying to impress on them the fact that what we in our myriad ways offer is a form of Preventative Health Care that right now is much needed. We also feel we can work with our own scheduling and screening procedures to benefit our clients. We want to help define parameters that would delineate a safer experience such as limiting the number of sessions in a day. spacing sessions out so that no one comes into contact with anyone else, very thorough screening to the extent that many may need to wait if you have been with or exposed to someone else who was sick, or traveled to another state and questions like that. Our professional ethics have always worked with safety of our clients and our selves in mind.

I honestly don’t think we will be open before the middle of May but we are at least making our presence and our feelings known which feels like we are doing ‘something” in a situation that to me sometimes feels “stuck”.

I have not been good at suggesting little things to do to stay fit and healthy but if you are like me,, bombarded with online classes and links and constant stimulation on the screen,, the best thing I have been able to add to my life is a little more yoga every day and a walk outside in this glorious time of year!! before the bugs!!! they are coming tho!!!

Please keep checking here tho and if you do,, drop me a line so I know you are out there and it may just be that I don’t have your email address.. as i just sent out a group email and realized the names that I thought were on there , were not,, because .. all I had was a phone number!!!

happy THURSDAY !!

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