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to the MAT

The BIOMAT that is!  Biomat is a  remarkable therapeutic pad made from an amazing 17 layer construction. I suggest going to the site, for a complete listing of the layers . This is a US FDA medical device 510K

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So, you’ve been wondering about these things called Marma Points right? Well in Ayurveda, ( the science of Life) Marmani are “energy points” often described as “intersecting paths” located in the rivers of Prana that flow thru the body. I

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Ok, We are approaching the last few days of winter, and its been a hard one here for us in the New England area for sure! But, the snowdrifts are receding like hairlines, and mud season will be upon us

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Stressed Out

Let’s talk about stress. We are all aware thru our fast lives just how “stressful” our lives can be. Deadlines, have to’s, obligations, commitments, and what if’s, all physically take their toll on us by raising our body’s defense system, and

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