Ok, We are approaching the last few days of winter, and its been a hard one here for us in the New England area for sure! But, the snowdrifts are receding like hairlines, and mud season will be upon us in no time. NOW is the time to start a new regimen of healthy empowering habits. Unfold yourself from that comfy chair or that uncomfy one you have been sitting at for hours trying to write  a new blog  post… and STRETCH!

Any kind of stretch! Doesn’t have to be a big procedure, just get up and move around a bit… have a cup of hot ginger tea, with a pinch of cayenne if you are wanting to stimulate your digestive fire even more… a squeeze of lemon too. As a matter of fact, start your morning with this instead of coffee as the first thing you put in your stomach… gets the digestive juices going, primes the pump, stimulates metabolism and gets things off to a good start…. and… STRETCH!

What is the first thing your dog or cat does when it gets up? Yawns, STRETCHES contorts and moves without inhibition!  Animals know what is good for them and what feels good and juicy. Find your inner animal and just notice how you feel.

To your new regimen consider the benefits of a good thai massage or deep tissue session to invigorate …. unfolding to the max. Make a commitment to allow that time for yourself on a regular basis- once a week or once a month but just make a commitment to yourself! Find an activity that you like to do, maybe something you used to really enjoy as a kid- walking in the woods, singing, painting , playing with clay, doodling but find a time to allow yourself to enjoy and explore that again. If going to the gym is not your thing, there are plenty of other ways to get exercise and movement into your life.  Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it!!

Happy Spring

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